If you don’t know then for your information Amazon Kindle is a gadget where you can read e-books. It is really simple. you can easily download the book to your device.

And if you are looking for Kindle Free Books, then this article is for you. But before that even if you don’t have a Kindle then you can simply download Kindle Cloud Reader for your browser, iPad or any other smart device. You have no idea that there are so many Kindle Free Books that you can go on for many years without spending money to buy books for your Kindle.

I will be randomly talking about sites where you can go and find your Kindle Free Books, because for Kindle Free Books you really need to look in the right place. Project Gutenberg is a site which offers up to 33,000 free e-books, mostly of which is classic. Google E-Bookstore is a site where you find thousand of free and even scanned copies of books which are PDF format and Kindle friendly. Internet Archive consists of many books in different languages and formats which are mostly helpful for academic works. Open Library is a site which has millions and millions of contributors who upload a lot of helpful e-books. ManyBooks.net is a site which has most of its books from Project Gutenberg but also has a good collection of Creative Commons’ publishings.LibriVox, the best thing about this site is you can get thousand of audio books here, amazing right?

Now, that you know that where to get Kindle Free Books, you should also aware yourself about Kindle Free Books scams. When you will google for Kindle Free Books you will be getting lots of sites among which most won’t be genuine. to verify if a site is genuine you must know that genuine sites never ask for money when you want to download a free book. A genuine site never tells you to take part in online promotions or games; they even don’t have options for premium account. Most of the time what scam sites do is, they ask you to make one time registration with money; make you participate in online promotions and games; they even sell your credit card numbers to criminals. The easiest way to recognize a scam site is it claims to give you current best sellers for free but in exchange they ask for your credit card number. So, beware of Kindle Free Books scam sites.

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Posted by smsemon on Saturday, November 17, 2012
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